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Spinal Care at Thornhill Chiropractic


Since 1983, Dr. Kleinberg has used chiropractic care to treat thousands of patients with spinal related problems. These problems include:

  • whiplash of the neck

  • disc bulges and herniations in the neck and lower back

  • upper and lower limb pinched nerve disorders including sciatica

  • lumbar muscle and ligament strain

  • facet joint inflammation

  • poor spinal flexibility

  • back pain related to pregnancy

  • spinal pain due to athletic or personal injuries

  • spinal pain due to car accidents or work injuries

There are a multitude of clinical approaches that Dr. Kleinberg employs to treat these conditions and variably they include:

  • spinal joint manipulation and mobilization

  • various soft tissue therapies

  • ultrasound

  • shockwave therapy

  • electrical nerve and muscle stimulation including TENS

  • low energy laser therapy

  • ice and heat application and liniments

  • orthopaedic supports and braces

  • orthotics

  • rehabilitation exercises


Depending on the situation various tests may be recommended to help clarify the diagnosis initially or during the course of care. These tests may include:

  • X-rays

  • CT Scan or MRI

  • Ultrasound

  • Bone Scan 

  • Blood tests

  • Nerve Conduction Studies


Very often these tests will be coordinated with your physician. If Dr. Kleinberg determines from the outset or during care that your condition is not amenable to chiropractic care, a referral to an appropriate specialist will be recommended. 

For further information regarding the treatment of spinal conditions, please call our office at 905-738-6303.

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