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Corporate Wellness Programs


The word “corporation” derives from the Latin word for body. If one limb of the body is injured it can affect the well-being of the entire body. In a similar fashion if one employee in a corporation is absent from work due to injury or illness it can diminish the capacity of the corporation to operate at maximum efficiency. Employee absenteeism has a negative impact on the morale and productivity of companies, not to mention the physical and emotional impact it has on the individual who is off work. Progressive corporations recognize that a passive approach to employee health and well-being is not acceptable. It is for this reason that such companies are seeking out the experience and expertise that Dr. Brian Kleinberg brings to the workplace.

These corporations understand that investing in employee health and wellness

programs will not only save money due to the costs associated with absenteeism,

but it will help them make money due to increased productivity from

healthier employees. The benefits of corporate wellness programs include:

  • awareness, education and motivation which leads to healthier lifestyles

  • decreased injury and illness impacting on decreased absenteeism

  • increased employee and company morale

  • increased job satisfaction and employee retention

  • increased productivity and revenue

Dr. Kleinberg’s corporate wellness programs are geared toward helping individuals and the corporations they work for, placing significant value on preventing health problems, as opposed to reacting to them. A proactive, preventive health focus stimulates a paradigm shift in thinking about health. Corporations that invest in health and wellness programs have been rewarded with substantial financial and human capital benefits. Corporate research has shown that for every dollar spent on corporate wellness programs there is anywhere from $3-$5 of return on investment. This significant ROI is a win-win for employers and employees alike. Healthy employees make for healthier companies. Dr. Kleinberg knows from his vast experience in the occupational health field that leading corporations and businesses understand that investing in the health and well-being of employees can bring returns on investment which go beyond dollars and cents making their workplaces thrive.

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