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Chronic Pain Management at Thornhill Chiropractic


A Mind and Body Approach

Chronic pain can develop in individuals for many reasons including injuries, accidents and disease processes. Chronic pain is usually described as pain that lasts beyond 6 months. Chronic pain conditions include:

  • Chronic musculoskeletal or neurological pain

  • Chronic migraine or tension headaches

  • Stress or anxiety related to chronic pain

  • Pain related to injuries at work, personal injuries including falls

  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • Post-concussion syndrome

  • Fibromyalgia


People with chronic pain are usually treated with a variety of different therapeutics including medication, injections and physical therapy. There are numerous problems associated with the treatment of chronic pain including side effects as a result of potent pain medications, long-term use of anti-inflammatories and long waiting lists to see specialists for the treatment of these conditions. There is no specific approach to chronic pain that works for every individual and that’s why alternative approaches should be considered as adjunctive therapies that can help individuals cope with their pain.

Dr. Kleinberg recognizes that chronic pain requires a multi-factorial approach. Many patients come to the clinic to seek out help for long-term musculoskeletal pain. There is no one treatment that will help everybody. Dr. Kleinberg does a thorough history and examination and reviews all reports and imaging results to have a much bigger picture of what has been happening with the chronic pain sufferer. It is not unusual that to achieve the best results, a number of different approaches will be recommended simultaneously. Some of these treatment modalities will include:

  • Soft tissue and manual therapies including mobilization and manipulation treatments

  • Shockwave therapy to break down scar tissue and promote healing

  • Low energy laser therapy or ultrasound

  • Specific rehabilitative exercises to improve mobility, strength and cardiovascular performance

  • Mindfulness meditation and deep breathing exercises

  • Postural re-education and improvements of body biomechanics

  • Recommendations for diet change

  • Appropriate referrals to acupuncture, massage therapy and personal fitness trainers

Dr. Kleinberg applies a tailor-made approach to every chronic pain patient in his practice. Throughout the process of care, he is constantly monitoring the patient's condition and progress. He is open to different possibilities and will change his approach as is needed. Chronic pain management is a partnership between Dr. Kleinberg and the patient. The most successful outcomes occur when the patient understands his/her role in achieving improvement and ultimate pain relief.

For further information on Dr. Kleinberg's treatment of chronic pain patients, please contact our office at 905-738-6303.

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