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Pregnancy Related Pain Care at Thornhill Chiropractic

Pregnancy is an exciting time for women as they anticipate the birth of their new child. It’s common for women to experience pain in various body areas throughout pregnancy. The most common musculoskeletal symptoms that women will experience include mid-back pain, lower back pain and sciatica. At times these painful conditions can be quite debilitating and immobilizing. Pregnancy does not have to be a time when a woman must suffer in pain. There are safe and effective methods to address these concerns.

Dr. Kleinberg has been successfully treating pregnant women since he opened his practice. Using natural soft tissue therapies, mild mobilization and manipulative techniques, Dr. Kleinberg safely treats these musculoskeletal pain conditions. The treatments are completely manual without the involvement of any types of electrical currents, ultrasound or laser therapy. Each patient is given instructions on proper posture, biomechanics and safe exercises that can be done throughout the pregnancy. Women can be treated from the earliest stages of pregnancy until just before the baby is due. Please contact our office for further information about having chiropractic treatment during pregnancy.

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