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Health and Wellness Coaching at Thornhill Chiropractic

Developing and implementing a healthy lifestyle is crucial to preventing health issues in the future.

Dr. Kleinberg's 36 years of clinical experience and additional training as a health and wellness coach have provided him with an outstanding skill in helping people beyond their pain and suffering. Many people have health problems that might have been prevented with proper education and understanding of basic health issues. Health coaching is a response to this problem.

Dr. Kleinberg has discovered that health and wellness issues require more time for discussion and in-depth understanding. For that reason, Dr. Kleinberg offers dedicated sessions for health coaching to help patients understand their particular health needs and create vision statements for setting higher standards of health management. Dr. Kleinberg feels that every individual can be their own self-guided health manager with proper education and motivation.

Preventive healthcare is critical towards living well and living long with the benefits of good health. Patients that maintain this positive journey often become role models for the people around them. Health coaching is an effective and empowering motivational tool. Dr. Kleinberg's vast experience and knowledge makes this service so beneficial and successful. Health coaching service times are available in blocks of 30, 45 and 60 minutes. Please inquire at 905-738-6303 for further details.

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