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Work and Occupational Injury Care at Thornhill Chiropractic

Have you been injured at work?


Workplace injuries can and do occur and when they do you must seek help. It's important to report your injury to your employer and fill out the proper paperwork in a timely fashion. The earlier consultation, examination and treatment are initiated, the sooner your condition will be helped and resolved. Common injuries include slips and falls inside and outside of factories and warehouses, falls downstairs and lifting injuries. Repetitive activities and and the lack of movement are two common scenarios that are experienced in the workplace and can eventually lead to chronic pain.


Since 1983, Dr. Kleinberg has cared for thousands of injured workers. Dr. Kleinberg's treatments focus not only on the rehabilitation of injuries, but on prevention as well. In his occupational health practice, Dr. Kleinberg treats workers who have had acute injuries at work, as well as those who have developed progressive disorders such as chronic spinal pain, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis. In all cases, treatment is directed towards complete recovery and return to work as soon as possible.


Dr. Kleinberg communicates with the company to coordinate a timely and safe return to work program. All injured workers are taught rehabilitation exercises and safe practices to prevent future injuries. Dr. Kleinberg has acted as an occupational health consultant for numerous industries including Sanofi Pasteur, Magna International and JD Smith and Sons. Your occupational health services are fully covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) pending acceptance of your claim.


Please contact us at 905-738-6303 for further details.

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